About the airport

An important hub in Lapland

Northern Sweden is heavily dependent on air traffic due to long distances to different markets and collaboration arenas. Being able to reach Stockholm, Berlin and New York from Lycksele is a success factor for growth in the region and for the people living here. Even the ambulance activities flying from the airport contribute to a vital social function since the distances between mountain and hospitals are very long. Lycksele Airport sets the foundation for a vivid society, where freedom to live or fly wherever you want is an indisputable profit.


Place: Lycksele
Type of airport: National Airport
IATA-code: LYC
Operator: Lycksele Airport AB
Opening year: 1968
Height above sea level: 220 m (722 feet)
Geographic coordinates: 64°32′53”N 18°42′58”E
Number of employees: 17 full-time + 10 part-time
Organization: incorporated company
Economy: Turnover of 23 million SEK
Travelers/year: 20 000

A strategic location

Lycksele, in South Sámi Liksjoe, is a city in the province of Lapland and the county of Västerbotten. Its centered location makes the city an important hub in Lapland. Traveling from Lycksele to Stockholm takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Between these two destinations lies about 710 km of road.
Lycksele Hospital, the only emergency hospital in the county, covers an area the size of Switzerland. Considering this fact, Lycksele Airport is a crucial hub for ambulance flights as a public service.

Operating Airline

From 1st July 2018 Amapola Flyg will operate on the route Vilhelmina - Arlanda via Lycksele.

There are flights from Monday to Friday and Sundays. Fly Taxi, private Jets, one and two engined planes and helicopters traffic the airport. Charter airplanes also occur at Lycksele Airport.


Lycksele Airport is the home base of Region Västerbottens (County Council) ambulance helicopter. The effect of this service to citizens is invaluable, with faster transportation to larger hospitals. The fastest ways to reach mountaineous regions and inland forests are by helicopter. Lycksele Airport is also a base for transplantation and medical air transports.