A brief history of Lycksele Airport 

  • In the late 50s’ the first seed of thought for a new airport was planted.
  • In 1968 the airport was approved, its track measuring 1100 x 30 meter.
  • Between year 1968-1974 there was a taxi airline between Lycksele and Stockholm/Bromma – the longest taxi flight in Sweden at the time.
  • The first airplane accommodated 8 passengers.
  • Airline company Skyways started flying in year 1994 with a Saab 340, accommodating 33 passengers.
  • The airport is approved for ambulance flights.
  • In year 2002 a larger track was build and dimensioned for BOEING 737 and MD-80.
  • In year 2004 the track was yet extended from 30 x 1552 meter to 45 x 2000 meter. This meant even larger airplanes could land in Lycksele.
  • From June to November 2005 the hangar expanded with 300 square meters. In June 2006 the construction of the new terminal was done. The new terminal measures 850 square meters.
  • In October 2008, Nexjet took over responsibility for the airline to Arlanda, after winning the Air Traffic Airline's procurement. By 2017, the airline operated mainly with the aircraft type BAE ATP with space for 68 passengers, but also with the aircraft type SAAB 340.
  • On November 30, 2017, the Transport Agency decided to convert Lycksele Airport national certificate to an EU certificate with airport reference code 4C. This means that regular traffic can be operated by aircrafts similar to the Boeing 737 aircraft type.